Learn to trade the Financial Markets profitably and sustainably through our unparalleled Mentorship programs. Using the latest in cutting edge technologies coupled with a team of professional fund managers sharing over 50 years of experience, trading directly on the market has never been this easy.

Our main focus is not only to train traders but also to develop successful trading businesses where we can customize your strengths and preferences into a trading style that works for you, rather than a one-size fits all approach.

This sounds great but why do people loose on the market?

The answer is quite simply a lack of the right education combined with high costs/fees. To run any successful business we realize that it takes more than ability and dedication. Overheads and costs can be the determining factor between success and failure. This program offers a complete business model solution from the ground up. We will help you to identify and customize your trading skills as well as provide you with all the business management solutions that are paramount to longevity in your trading experience. Thus enabling you to create a sustainable and profitable trading career.

Before we begin we always like to ask our traders these questions:

Becoming an independent trader is a goal for many people; although statistically 70% fail!


The answer: Quite simply is a lack of the right education.

At Capital Equities, we train our clients as we were trained – by professionals who have managed funds locally and internationally and have learnt the skills required by experience and guidance from some of the most respected and successful traders and fund managers.

Our objectives over our 3 month mentorship courses are to provide you with all the facilities, technical know- how, business and risk management skills that will enable you to maintain a long and sustainable trading business.

A business where you can control your future! Whether that is to take your skills to the very pinnacle of the financial industry, Hedge Fund Development and Management; or a small account providing you with a second income. The choice is yours…

Course Outline:

This is broken up into three (3) main areas:

  1. Market Basics
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Fundamental Workings:
    • Market History
    • The Tools of the Trade
    • Personal Assessment and Objectives


Please feel free to contact us directly via our website if you would like to find out more.

Please Note: Our mentorships are designed to be customised to each client’s skill level and experience; as well as incorporate a large percentage of live trading and hands on skills development. So the course outline is subject to change as per each client’s requirements and thus may differ slightly from the stated outline.